Life is a Journey enjoy the ride, has always been one of my favorite quotes. But as life takes us into this journey, I always say, lets live it with comfort and style. I have always been mesmerized with home style magazines. It is not unusual to find myself staring at one singe page for a long time... just swimming in every delight of every piece of decor and style. A living space should be all about emerging in ones own personal delight of the style that soothes our vision. I also acknowledge that to finalize our dreams in finding our home we need someone to help get there. Someone who knows what we want and has the precision, reliability and confidence to get us there. When you are ready to surrender into the experience of your true home let me know. It will be my pleasure to help you. Myra is very passionate about "Philly" her city of choice as she decided to move from New York to Philadelphia and pursue her real estate career. She is a wealth of knowledge after year of working with investors, developers, buyers, and sellers. Myra worked 21 years litigating in the court system as an officer of the government and as a licensed legal adjuster. With her background negotiation skills and problem solving techniques, you can be sure that you will be well represented in all the negotiations of the purchase or the sell of your new home.