Natale Carabello

Natale (Nate) comes to BHHS FoxRoach with a diverse professional background. With many years experience as a mortgage broker and title clerk Natale started investing in real estate in 2004 ??with a focus on developing rental properties. Through completing a series of projects he was able to add construction and property development to his skill set. Then shortly after the economic turmoil of 2008 Natale paired his twin loves of craft and music to start a piano service company tuning and repairing pianos while still managing his small portfolio of rental properties. Born and raised in Philadelphia Natale has literally spent a lifetime stomping around the various neighborhoods of the city absorbing their character color and differences. As their newest member Natale feels privileged to return to the real estate business alongside the dedicated professionals of Team Damis.When not working Natale enjoys woodworking attempting to play blues piano and cooking dinner for his family.Education: Temple University 1990 - 1991 St. Joseph's University 1992 University of Pennsylvania 1992 - 1994Henry George School of Social Sciences 2008 - 2011Real Estate Institute Temple University 2017